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Jaci Vianna Designs
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About Jaci Vianna

Decorative artist, Jaci Vianna has been painting wonderful murals at Rowton Castle since 1997.


On your first visit, you will be amused to notice a theme of rather glamorous and beautifully painted monkeys in our logo, throughout the ground floor of the castle and Linden Belvedere, in our stationery and embroidered on our robes, and you may ask yourself, ‘Why?’

Legend has it that in the 17th century, monkeys were brought back from India by sailors. They tamed them, taught them tricks on the ships and then sold them to the landed gentry. The ladies dressed them up to entertain their friends as a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Although we have no evidence that this went on at Rowton Castle, the monkeys conjure up a feeling of frivolity, romance and entertainment from a bygone age, which helps create the wonderful ambience that you will now find at Rowton Castle.

Jaci has the ability and immense talent to sympathetically design in the style of this building. She does this using not only her natural creative flair, but by gathering a great deal of research into the history of the building and design trends of the period.

Jaci Vianna

Interior Design

For a number of years, we have been refurbishing Rowton Castle, and have used Jaci Vianna as our Interior Designer. Jaci is responsible for so many elements of the castle as it is today, and without her, it may not have been the success that it has become.

Jaci started her time with us here at Rowton Castle in the Georgian Dining Room, introducing the monkeys and the hand pressed gold leaf detailing to the walls. It seems like only yesterday, but it was 1997. To thank Jaci and to mark the enormous contribution that she has made to this historic property, the Georgian Dining Room is to be renamed the Jaci Vianna Room.  

We are confident that our bedrooms and dining rooms are in keeping with the architecture and history of our wonderful castle, as well as being beautiful to look at and relaxing to occupy; our guests agree.