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Tower House by Interior Designer, Jaci Vianna

Posted on November 6, 2015 by Jaci Vianna

Tower House - Rowton Castle Blog.jpg

We are in the midst of an extensive renovation; preparing for our Bride and Grooms, an opulant place to stay the night before the wedding day.

Soon to be available (for January 2016 at least), Jaci Vianna, Rowton Castle's interior designer introduces the Tower House... talks about what it means to her, to Rowton Castle and our couples, and a little about how it will be designed. 

As you'll know Rowton Castle has been a wedding venue for many years, and we're happy to say that some of our couples come back to visit, reliving their perfect day and bringing their special memories back to where it all began.

But we've always longed to extend the experience, taking it back to the day before, when they were standing single and full of anticipation, right on the brink of a whole new life together.

At last, we're able to do it.....ta-rah-rah.....imagine a fanfare of trumpets to announce.....wait for it.....The Tower House, and within it, the dreamy Orchard Suite.

The Tower House is tucked into the castle wall in the back courtyard. We imagine that it was once the estate managers' house, although in more recent years we've used it for offices and staff quarters. Now we've emptied it out, and are working hard to turn this very boring little building into a magical space, especially designed for the night before the wedding.

From the outside it's full of promise, with two imposing square towers all swathed in the glory of the autumn red virginia creeper as I write, but so far, the towers have deceived us, because the inside didn't quite live up to all that expectation.

Not any more my friends, we're going for full on glamour, and it's already in progress.

Interior design at Rowton has always had tradition at its heart, and over the years, we've collected and assembled furniture, fabrics and colours to enhance the beauty of this remarkable historic place, but now, we are inspired by another concept, and want our new pre-wedding venue to echo with the sounds of fun, intimate friends reminiscing, being self indulgent, powdering, perfuming and preparing together to make a  stunning entrance on the following all important day.

The ground floor, which we are calling the Orchard Suite (because it implies both the fragrance of the blossom, and the glowing promise of the fruit) will consist of three rooms; a salon for make up, hair and all things with the whiff of pampering, champagne and glamour, a luxury bathroom of the more decadent variety, and a twin bedded room for two friends to laugh, share and sleep for the last time.

Upstairs is one bedroom with king sized bed and en-suite, and another twin room with en-suite and dressing room. These rooms might be for parents, bridesmaids, ushers, or anyone with that special invitation to stay.

Are you wondering how this will all look?.....the answer is "wonderful" and more than that I'm not telling, because for now it's my secret, and you must wait and see. 

FB TH Ground Floor - Rowton Castle Blog.jpg

FB TH First Floor - Rowton Castle Blog.jpg


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