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A Rowton Castle Commission

Posted on October 21, 2016 by Rowton Castle

Megan Roberts Artist

In the rolling Shropshire countryside, Rowton Castle may be found. Dating back to 1234, the castle has stood in the grounds for nearly 800 years. Rowton Castle, as it stands today shows the work of many periods, generations have added and taken away and we are left with a hotel of amazing beauty.

Unfortunately, more is known about the owners of the castle, than about the house itself. Historians and have been able to offer some detail, but certainly not as much as we had hoped. Like a magpie of sorts, we collect as many ‘Rowton related’ items as we can, eager to find out more.

In recent weeks, a number of photographs and a postcard or two from many years ago were acquired. Small, but perfectly formed, they depict a Rowton that we would never know.

Rowton Castle a Different Era

By tremendous luck, we had a talent in the castle that we were only just learning about; the lovely Megan Roberts, was able to take these old images and turn them into something really beautiful. Megan has been with us at Rowton for almost twelve months, working part time in our housekeeping department. Megan is an artist. A painter, and a talented one at that. A hobbyist turned business owner, Megan decided that it was her love of art that she would like to pursue, and now creates the most wonderful bespoke commissions.

Work in Progress

We have been fortunate enough to take up some of Megan’s time. Two pieces were commissioned, images of the old Rowton turned into something new. Now Megan has kept some of the wonderful old features… a tennis court that once resided in the back garden, and a driveway sweeping and dramatic in its foundation, leading guests to the front entrance.

We are so very pleased to say that Megan’s paintings now hang in the castle’s lounge, for all to see.

A Collection of Seasonal Prints

Since her first commission, Megan has worked on a many number of pieces and following the seasons, has created a range of bespoke Rowton Castle prints to help you remember your special day. Whether a wedding or anniversary gift, Megan hopes that the prints will bring to life your memories of this magical setting. Oh, and did you know, these wonderful prints may be personalised with your names and wedding date.

For more information, or to order a bespoke print, please do contact Megan.

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: 07719761670

To see more of her work, do visit her facebook page – – you certainly won’t be disappointed.   

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