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Grooms Fashion | Advice by Grooms of Hoole

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Jaci Vianna

Grooms Fashion | Advice by Jaci Viana

Photograph by: Stuart Hay Photography

Men invariably look good in a suit… or so we have been reliably informed.

Groom fashion is one continues to reflect high street style, and step further way from the traditional, some may say glamorous attire, of traditions past. The result is a flurry of styles and never ending inspiration. 

But where do you begin?

For men, the opportunity to dress up is rare, but a wedding is the perfect time and place for them to dress with glamour in mind, and so, we decided to ask the experts to give us an idea of the latest fashions for grooms, and male guests.

We chose Grooms of Hoole because they specialize in elegance for men, with a traditional but modern twist… Here's what they said;

Generally, there's a trend towards skinny fitting American prom style dinner suits, and while this is high fashion look which may appeal, it might be wise to consider avoiding it. High fashion fades, and photographs seen a few years later, may look very dated. One needs to think "wow, didn't I look good" and not "wow, that was a mistake". Whatever is chosen, needs to stand the test of time.

The cravat and oversized wing collar have passed into history.

The lounge suit, however marvellous, can look like a special day at the office, though some may prefer it for a less formal wedding.

"Grooms" get requests for tweeds, which suits the "country" wedding, and we advise going the whole hog with checked shirts and wool ties.

It seems though, that the elegant, iconic morning tail suit is still the favourite by far, (and certainly the most often seen at our castle wedding venue) although there are little changes, nodding to fashion here and there.

They can be silver grey or charcoal (how chic), and there's a navy option that feels younger and a bit less stuffy somehow. 

How you choose to accessorise your suit is entirely your choice, and one that can be used to add personality and lift the look to the next level. We are told that waistcoats should be plain, and in a pastel colour chosen to tone with the bridesmaids, or traditional buff or dove grey. They can be single or double breasted. A tie should be worn, reflecting the personality of the wearer, and again toning with the bridal colours. A pocket handkerchief should not match the tie. Had you thought about braces? Great for jacket off groomsmen photographs.

Grooms Fashion Inspiration

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Final Thoughts

Do think about your day, what time of year will it be? Think about you – what would you usually chose to wear. Are you going to buy or hire? Hiring from Grooms is a great option if you would like wonderful suits that don’t break that bank. There are no rules, and the day is yours. Discuss your plans with your partner to be, and maybe a groomsman or two.

Remember, your new wife will pack away her wedding dress, with shoes and veil, and every few years, she'll take a peek and remember your special day. Do think about saving the cufflinks or perhaps the tie you wore. We recommend it.

Are there any grooms-to-be reading today? We would love to know how you are going to inject a personal touch into your wedding suit. Comment in the box below.


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