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How to Choose your Bridal Jewellery in 5 Easy Steps

Posted on March 5, 2018 by Florence Sturt-Joy

Advice from a Jewellery Designer

Images by: Tiding of Magpies

knowing how to choose the right jewellery for your wedding day is an essential part of making your big day one to remember. Getting the balance right to ensure that you're not distracting attention away from your beautiful dress can be a challenge; and so knowing how to style your bridal accessories is key. For those of you who are currently in need of some styling advice, why not read our handing blog written by bridal jewellerys, Tiding of Magpies.

Found in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, Tiding of Magpies offers a unique range of ready to wear and custom design accessories and bridal jewellery.

From delicate pendants to tiny silver studs, and hammered rings, you’ll find everything you could ever need for your wedding day and for your bridal party.

Tiding of Magpie’s principal designer, Florence (a recent bride herself, might we add), comes to you today with a little advice – a “How to choose your bridal jewellery in 5 easy steps”.

Tiding of Magpies

Notes from Florence…

As a jewellery designer, I was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer choice and expectation that my jewellery would be perfect. Having struggled to choose what jewellery to sport on my own big day, I’ve got five easy steps for any bride-to-be who finds themselves in similar circumstances…

1. Consider the style of your dress
This sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying anyway. The dress is, naturally, the focal point of your appearance, and it will look better in photos if it works well with the jewellery. For example, my dress had a relatively high neckline and a very embellished bodice, and so I didn’t wear a necklace because it would be too much, and would get lost in the beading. If your dress is in a vintage style, it might also be worth considering jewellery (real or replica) that suits the era you are wearing.

2. Stay true to your own tastes and dress sense
If there’s a style or piece of jewellery you see cropping up on wedding blogs or Pinterest, it’s easy to start thinking ‘well perhaps I should wear something like that, too’, but if you wouldn’t wear something similar in everyday life, think twice about whether it’s right for you. Of course, I don’t mean if you wouldn’t wear a huge tiara every day you shouldn’t wear one for your wedding, but if, say, the tiara is heavily jewelled and you usually favour clean, simple lines, look for a tiara that fits those tastes.

3. Consider wearing jewellery for sentimental reasons…
Because jewellery is valuable, it’s often handed down through the generations, imbuing it with memories and emotions, so it’s no wonder many brides wear at least one piece that has sentimental value. I mixed old with new for my wedding by wearing three sentimental items combined with a new ring I made myself.

If you’re struggling to pull your pieces into a cohesive look, consider choosing one material, style or era to make things go without having to be matchy-matchy. For example, I decided to feature pearls in many of the pieces I wore in order to tie the different styles together. I also wore an heirloom brooch on my bouquet because it didn’t match the wedding colours; including a piece you like but which doesn’t go with your dress on your bouquet is a great way to wear your treasured pieces without compromising on your style.

4...But, don’t feel bound by tradition if you want a shiny new set of jewels
Conversely, if you’re determined for your look to come together seamlessly, or want to create new heirlooms and memories with some brand new pieces, don’t feel you have to wear something old just because it’s ‘expected’ of you. (Let’s face it, there are enough expectations around you as a bride without adhering to tiny ones like this…) This tip is kind of an extension of point 2; essentially, you do you.

5. Try not to obsess over it
I feel this should be the last point on any wedding advice list. Your wedding outfit will never be perfect (especially in years to come when you look back and your gorgeous mermaid gown looks like those puffy-sleeved 80s monstrosities do now), but you’ll be so happy on the day that it really won’t matter. The best you can do is to make the choice you’re happy with, and then focus on the important bit - you’re marrying your favourite person!

Tiding of Magpies Latest Collection

The Latest Collection

If you’re looking for jewellery for yourself, your maids or your mums, Tiding of Magpies’ bridal collection has everything you need to add that extra sparkle to your day. The collection focuses on elegant, traditional pearls in modern settings, which are perfect for today’s bride. And because know how crucial a colour scheme can be to making the day look just how you want it to, I also use a range of semi-precious stones to complement and enhance any colours my brides choose.

The lariat necklaces, gemstone drops and threader earrings come in a range of colours and metals to suit any colour scheme, and I’m always delighted to create bespoke, custom orders to match a bride’s needs - all you need do is ask!

For more on the process of a bespoke bridal order, you can read about about it here. 

Do get in touch! You can do so by email ([email protected]) or over on my Etsy store - I can’t wait to help you create your perfect bridal jewellery!

If you're thinking of hosting your perfect wedding day at Rowton Castle, why not contact us today to speak to a member of our team. We'll be happy to discuss options for your big day and help you through the steps of this exciting journey. 

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