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Wedding Cakes ...Traditional or Unique?

Selecting a wedding cake can prove to be an exciting part of planning your wedding. Whether you opt for a traditional tiered, ornately decorated cake or a personalised cake as unique as your wedding venue, the market for cakes is vast and choosing the baker to make and decorate your cake can be a challenge.

The selection of your wedding cake is likely to be the most significant purchase of confectionary that you ever make, so you will need to meet with the baker, discuss your requirements, view his portfolio of previously made cakes and sample his wares.

The first decisions to be made will be the size and shape of your cake, if you want fruit cake or sponge, the colour theme and the design. You need to ensure that your cake will be large enough to cater for all your guests and to send boxed slices to guests unable to attend. A square cake will serve more portions than a circular cake, or you may decide to select a cup-cake design with individual cakes for all your guests.

Wedding cakes take time to make, so it is advisable to order them in plenty of time and when it comes to cost, a wedding cake can be priced at anything from £95 up to in excess of £550, this depends upon the size, amount of tiers and the intricacy of the design and decoration you request. The decoration on a wedding cake can be made from silk flowers, real flowers, sugar flowers, or for a more modern take fresh fruit or Belgian chocolate. Your wedding cake can be decorated in many ways, you can colour coordinate your icing and decoration in line with your wedding theme, but whatever you choose, your wedding cake will be the centrepiece at the reception and your guests will wait in anticipation for you to cut that very first slice as husband and wife.

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Chocolate has become an increasingly popular choice for wedding cakes these days and also individual cup-cakes tiered on a stand, but cakes can be made of whatever you decide upon including, the traditional Fruit, Vanilla Sponge, Carrot, Lemon, Madeira, Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge, or even cheese-cake.

If your wedding is going to be a small affair, yet you want an impressive wedding cake as your centrepiece, you can opt to have fake tiers which are iced identically to the main cake and give the appearance of a magnificent tiered cake at a fraction of the cost.

A fruit wedding cake will last for a considerable time and many couples save the top tier of their wedding cake to use a Christening cake for their first born. Although the cake will last, the marzipan and icing may have to be removed and the cake re-iced, as the icing tends to yellow with age. Recently a boxed slice of cake from the wedding of the Queen and Prince Phillip was sold at auction.

cakes104This extraordinary 65-year-old piece of memorabilia was presented in its original Buckingham Palace case and was dated 20 November 1947. It was accompanied by a compliments slip reading: 'With the best wishes of Their Royal Highnesses The Princess Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh' and sold for in excess of £560. When made this wedding cake for the royals, was over nine feet tall, weighed 500 pounds, and consisted of four tiers all very ornately decorated and was an outstanding centrepiece to their reception. You may obviously, not wish to go to the extremes of a nine foot high cake, but impressive cakes can be made and presented beautifully with planning and advice from your baker.

If you require something a little different, many bakers can create novelty or exclusively personalised cakes to your own specification, where you would be able to integrate any theme, colour or style you want, and as a result you will be assured that your wedding cake will be unique to your wedding.

Most bakers will deliver your cake to your wedding venue and coordinate with your wedding reception venue staff and will have your centrepiece displayed proudly in full view of all your guests. By tradition the wedding cake was sliced during the reception and then all guests took a slice home in a cake box at the end of the evening, but in this day and age wedding cake is usually served during the evening reception.

Individual cup-cakes or delicious filled, tempered chocolate cups are now a popular choice as a wedding cake, this enables guests to each have their own portion and these can be displayed beautifully as your centrepiece. The tradition of cutting the wedding cake is performed symbolically rather than actually for these types of cakes.