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Personalising your Wedding Day

If you are planning to get married in your perfect dream venue such as a beautiful wedding castle, you may wish to personalise the day to make it even more memorable for you and your guests. Every Bride's big day is one they look back on with fond memories, but if you add some extra personal touches it can turn a beautiful day into a spectacular one.

Colour coordinating your reception with chair ribbons, table decorations or balloons to compliment the colours in your bouquet and bridesmaids dresses can add a touch of class which you and your guests will remember for a considerable time. Photographs of your wedding reception will look amazingly sophisticated and elegant.

Changing the time of your wedding can make it even more personal, invite your guests to mingle prior to the ceremony; a great way of ensuring families can get to know each other and relax with a drink, then congregate for an afternoon wedding, followed by dinner and dancing.

Why not go 'eco' when providing your guests with favours, a little packet of flower seeds for them to take away is a nice touch and as they grow, the flowers will bring back memories of your special day and symbolise how your love is growing.


Design your own monogram of your intertwined initials, or if you are not artistically inclined, ask around amongst friends and family - someone will be able to do it. You can then purchase, relatively inexpensively, a personalised stamp which can be used to print your monogram on all place-cards, favours, even paper napkins.

Create a bespoke signature cocktail and name it something memorable, combining a neutral spirit or Prosecco with exotic fruit juices, can deliver the most delicious cocktails - ask your venue's bar manager for advice.

For a nostalgic, yet individual touch, collect together photographs of past family weddings as far back as you can go and display them in either period frames, or a vintage looking photo album on a table at your reception; this will be a real talking point for guests, particularly the elder ones who will remember some of the weddings.

For civil weddings (or even for some church weddings) you can write your own vows; this is the ultimate personal touch for every couple, as you are able to proclaim your love for each other in your own words, but you will need to speak to your wedding officiator, in advance, to confirm that they are willing to accept this.


If you are planning to marry close to the Christmas celebrations, ask your guests to each bring a bauble for the tree and to sign and write a brief message upon it. You can then use these annually to decorate your tree, adding a lovely reminder of your special day to the festive season.

Decorate your wedding tables with fruit baskets instead of floral arrangements, not only do these look attractive, but guests can help themselves throughout the reception and any left over at the end of the day could be distributed to a local nursing home or similar.

For a unique personal touch, hire a caricaturist for the day and get them to sketch small portraits of your guests; you can keep these in an album as a reminder of each guest, or give them to your guests to take home to be reminiscent of your special day.

Utilise any special talents your family or friends may have; perhaps you have a family member who has the voice of an angel - get them to sing a chosen song as you walk down the aisle, or for your first dance. Maybe you have an excellent calligrapher as a friend; if so, ask if they would hand write your place-cards for you.

Before you take your first dance, call your guests attention to you creating a 'wedding box', you can both write a brief, sentimental note and place it in a box with a bottle of wine and some small mementoes of the day, which can be opened in future years to remind you of what brought you to your special day.

However you choose to personalise your wedding day, take time to enjoy it and savour every moment, as it is the first day of the rest of your lives.