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Evironmentally Friendly Weddings

A dream fairy-tale wedding at an amazing venue such as a wedding castle can make your special day one to remember for years to come, but how can you 'do your bit' for the environment? Many couple are eco-conscious in this day and age so the use of sustainable suppliers and organic products can give your wedding an ethical element and lessen your impact on the environment.

It may be difficult to find a venue which can offer solar, hydro or wind powered amenities, without you having to travel great distances, which would defeat the object with the environmental impact of transportation, so unless you have a totally eco-friendly venue on your doorstep, there are several means of reducing the carbon footprint of your wedding which are easily obtainable and well worth the effort.

From the invitations to the evening party, an environmentally friendly element can be incorporated throughout your occasion to reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you have a fabulous day with minimal impact on the environment. Some ideas of how to be more eco-friendly with your wedding include;

Recycle and reuse old cards or paper to produce unique invitations or send out your 'save the day' cards and invitations via email. If you do not have the time to make your own invitations, source a supplier of eco-friendly products who uses only recycled paper and vegetable-based ink for printing.

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Sourcing a 'green' gown is simple these days, if you are not inclined to purchase a pre-owned vintage bridal gown, look for suppliers of organic materials such as cotton, lace, silk, cashmere or wool. Bridesmaids dresses can also be found in vintage shops or purchased made from natural fibres, looking online will help source suppliers. Grooms and groomsmen can hire tuxedos for the day or seek suppliers of beautifully tailored natural fibre suits. Accessories can also be acquired made from sustainable fabrics.

For an eco-friendly bouquet or buttonholes, find a florist who grows their own produce. Having a display of beautiful seasonal flowers and foliage will surely delight and ensuring that all flowers are sourced locally will reduce the carbon footprint immensely. Many florists will use local wholesalers as their flowers will arrive fresher, without enduring long refrigerated transportation.

Eco-friendly favours
Either make your own favours or find a supplier of Eco-friendly favours; these can be anything from mini jars of home-made jam or marmalade, hand-made chocolates or little organza bags containing flower seeds. A simple label commemorating the day will add a personal touch.

Very few venue providers now allow the use of confetti. For an environmentally-friendly alternative, use rose petals or supply your guest with little bottles of bubbles, which can make for a great photo opportunity.

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Obviously the most eco-friendly means of transport is to walk, but not many brides will want to don gown and shoes and put their best foot forward, so alternative means could be a bicycle rickshaw, horse and carriage or to make an even bigger eco-friendly attempt, choose a venue which offers accommodation and transport yourself and your guests to the venue in one vehicle prior to the occasion, thereby cutting down on the needs for numerous cars.

Selecting a venue with beautiful grounds means that in the warmer months, it may be possible to marry outdoors, cutting down the need for extra lighting, air conditioning, etc; Picture the scene - exchanging vows in a beautiful castle garden, the sun shining, birds singing, guests all happy and you are in no way harming the environment - just perfect!

Ask your venue providers if they are able to provide locally sourced organic produce, this is a fantastic way to boost the local economy and reduce the environmental impact of your wedding. Using fresh, seasonal ingredients also produces the most delicious food. For your wedding cake, seek out a baker or confectioner who also uses local produce and can make your dream cake from natural, local ingredients.

Whatever means you choose to help reduce the environmental impact of your wedding, will be sure to be appreciated and may just give your guests ideas and the incentive to make an effort with their own future celebrations. If you opt to get married in an amazing wedding castle garden, it would be incredible if you knew that your eco-friendly efforts may help towards that wonderful venue, still being wonderful in future years, when your own children may wish to marry there.