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After the Ceremony

A look at Wedding Photography

Having your wedding at a spectacular castle wedding venue can make for some of the most wonderful wedding photographs. After the ceremony and before everyone sits down to eat, the photographer will demand the attention of the Bride and Groom to capture those precious shots, midst the host of guests all craving the bride and groom look at their cameras.

The wedding photographer will move with ease among the guests and capture precious moments for the happy couple to look back on, group photographs will be taken, shots of just the happy couple and the wedding party of bride and groom, best man, bridesmaids and parents. At some point the photographer may lead the bride and groom away from the crowd to take some shots in a pre-selected location, which will bring about the romantic shots of the happy couple.

Your wedding venue will determine the location of such shots, but spectacular photographs in a castle garden, under a specific tree or by a water feature can all prove to be stunningly impressive, and unusual snaps of your guests mingling around the grounds, will entertain for years to come. Some professional photographic studios send along two photographers to a wedding, which results in some amazing pictures as each view from a different perspective.

Your photographer may picture the reception room and will mingle among the guests at the reception to take numerous pictures of the bride and groom seated at the top table, cutting the cake and during the first dance. A novel idea also, is to provide disposable cameras on each table for your guests to take impromptu shots throughout the evening, and a box for collecting the cameras at the end of the celebration for you to have the photos developed, which are bound to turn up some funny moments.

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A look at Wedding Breakfasts

People often ask what a Wedding Breakfast is; being under the misconception that it is some sort of meal prior to the wedding; in fact, the Wedding Breakfast is now more commonly known as the reception. Although the name tends to imply a morning meal, the wedding breakfast takes place after the ceremony and is considered to be the most important occasion following the wedding, a time when the Bride and Groom have their first meal as husband and wife.

The wedding breakfast dates to circa 1830, (although some believe it originates in the 16th century) when the bride and groom would fast before the wedding due to religious beliefs and then after the ceremony they would then 'Break the Fast' when they would be served cakes, sweet treats and wine, along with their families and friends.

Today the wedding breakfast or reception is a joyous occasion where all the guests dine together following the wedding and it is considered to be the most important celebratory meal, and great attention is usually given to the menu. Seating arrangements are planned meticulously with the Bride and Groom taken center position on the top table, and the best man, bridesmaids and parents of the happy couple sat also at the top table.

The protocols of etiquette and tradition dictate that the next importance after the top table, is to seat the families of the bride and groom, in what is known as the 'receiving line' (derived from the tradition of the bride and groom being received as part of each others' family) the top table faces the receiving line, and other guests are then seated throughout the room, often mixing friends and distant family of both bride and groom at the same tables.

Following the wedding breakfast, the Toastmaster will call the guests attention to the speeches and after all the toasts have been made, the bride and groom usually cut the cake and then take to the floor for the first dance. It has become more popular in this day and age for the guests to be treated to an evening feast too, usually in the form of either a delicious hog-roast, or evening platters of delicious cheeses, pates or anti pasta.

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A look at Wedding Entertainment

Throughout your reception/wedding breakfast, you may wish to have mellow, relaxing background music which can be turned down during the speeches and continue until the first dance. The Bride and Groom select something which has specific meaning to them both for their traditional first dance and then the entertainment takes over.

Exactly what type of entertainment to have at your wedding is really entirely up to you, as long as your chosen venue has no objections. From a classical quartet through to a rock and roll band, depends upon (a) the venue allowing your choice and (b) your choice is suitable for the wider taste of all of your guests. Most evening entertainment is centered around a disco/DJ, who will play a varied selection of music to suit everyone's taste.

Some DJ's specifically concentrate on wedding parties and have a vast experience of the type of music to play throughout your afternoon and evening. With an 'all-inclusive' package offered by some of the very best wedding venues, they can provide you with photographers and DJ's as part of the package, saving you the hassle of having to find the best offers.

All wedding venues which offer you an 'all-inclusive' wedding package will only provide you with the very best professionals in their respective industries, meaning that you can rest assured that you are receiving top quality service for your special day. The wedding music that you choose to play throughout your big day will actually have a much bigger impact on your event than most people appreciate. Music sets the ambiance for your event and your wedding music will enhance the sentiment felt by you and your guests throughout the entire celebration.