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The Georgian Dining Room

The original oak panelling was erected in 1704 along with the panelling in the Reception area. When the Victorians built the Gothic style addition of the ballroom, now known as the Cardeston Suite, they also painted all the oak panelling with a black treacle-like varnish, which made the room extremely dark. It was felt that it needed to be considerably lightened and was therefore painted duck egg blue, a colour typical of 18th century interiors.

As the room is used primarily as a private Dining room, the monkeys make a great topic of conversation and whether one likes them or not, they are painted in such intricate detail, that one can not fail to be fascinated by them.

Jaci decided, foolishly in hindsight, to gold leaf all of the mouldings, not realising that if the mouldings had been laid end to end they would have reached China! A slight exaggeration but it was very labour intensive and time consuming.  She had to call in the assistance of a traditional gold leafer, Ralf Greenback.  It took the two of them 3 weeks to complete the job and Ralf's efforts have been given their just recognition by the mention of his name along side Jaci's in the note the monkey is reading.