Rowton Castle History

History, Heritage and Splendour await you at Rowton Castle

In the rolling Shropshire countryside, Rowton Castle may be found. Dating back to 1234 the castle has stood in the grounds for nearly 800 years.

Rowton Castle as it stands today shows the work of many periods, the foundations are old and the central core may be Tudor. Subsequent generations have added and taken away and we are left with a hotel of amazing beauty.

Fortunately, more is known about the owners of the castle than about the house itself... a family home for much of its time, the Lysters’ owned Rowton for 400 years, when on the death of Lady Charlotte Lyster it passed to her sister’s son. When he died unmarried it passed to his nephew General Lowry Corry, who eventually sold it to Major A E Lees. Rowton Castle was again sold to the Royal Nation College for the Blind.

When the school closed, Rowton lay empty for quite some time when work was started to convert the ruin into a luxury hotel. In October 1997, Rowton Castle was taken over by Jack De Sousa, Bryan Cherrington and Steve Parke, bringing with them a wealth of experience and skill within the hospitality and catering industry.

The castle’s long and colourful history combined with the warm and welcoming atmosphere of today is part of its unique charm. The castle was, and still is, the ideal home for all occasions. We invite you to play a part in Rowton Castle’s history.

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