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LLewellyn, Prince of Wales

In Camdens Britannia we read "More northward Caus Castle standeth and Rowton Castle near unto it, most ancient of all the rest, towards the west borders of the shire, not far from Severn, which Castle sometime belonged to the Corbets and now to the ancient family of Lyster.  Before time it was the possession of John Le Strange of Knockin, in despite of whom Llewellyn, Prince of Wales laid it even with the ground as we read in the life of Sir Fulk Fitz Warin. It flourished also in the Romans time under the same name, termed by Antonius the Emperor Rutunium."

There may have been a Roman settlement at Rowton, though nothing has ever been found.  A Roman Villa was discovered many years ago at Lea Cross traces of another have been uncovered quite recently at Cruckton and a Roman Road runs for a mile or so to the south but it is not the modern view that Rowton can be identified as Ruthenium.  Probably some confusion arose over the translation of Ruton or Rutune, but it is almost certain that this Ruton referred in the life of Sir Fulk Fitz Warin was Ruyton on the road to Oswestry as it was the twin to Knockin in the defence line.  It is safe to say however that Rowton shared in the general destruction of the Welsh Raids over the border and particularly in 1234 when "Nothing was left untouched from the borders of Wales to the Town of Shrewsbury".