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Lyndon & Abby

"We have had, quite simply, the most magical weekend imaginable at Rowton Castle"

This is just a quick message before we head off on honeymoon as we have to say a huge THANK YOU to one and all...

We have had, quite simply, the most magical weekend imaginable at Rowton Castle. Fun, friendly, classy, slick, sophisticated and of the highest quality is what immediately springs to mind. We got that gut feeling when we first looked around the place and we're so so glad we went with our instinct. Simply Magnificent.

From the minute we arrived this weekend, we were treated like royalty, spoke to warmly but respectfully and made to feel fully at home where nothing was too much trouble.

Caroline, you've been a superstar the whole way though. Quietly efficient, so open and receptive to all of our extra (and even strange) requests! Organisationally you are brilliant – everything was in its place, relayed to the day staff and it worked like clockwork.

Keith was an absolute marvel. He was the best hospitality has to offer – interested in and receptive and engaging with us and our wedding – excited like it was the first time he'd done it – but so on top of everything that his professionalism was an obvious treatment to the hundreds of times he must have actually done this! (He even laughed at the right bits during my speech – good man! ☺

Gareth's dealing with the power cut was example of his overall skills too – graceful swan on the surface, treading water like mad underneath! – he panicked no – one, dealt with the immediate inconvenience by sourcing 20 or so torches 'just like that' and then got the electricity board out pronto (but made them wait until the end of the function to avoid any danger of interrupting the downstairs power supply). I was kept 'completely in the dark' over the whole incident but Abby was very impressed at the handling of it as was everyone else.

All the staff stuck that unique blend of second guessing what we wanted: being on hand when we needed them and being completely invisible and not at all intrusive, allowing us and our guests to fully enjoy a very memorable weekend.
Behind the scenes too, housekeeping were lovely and so efficient, particularly with the bridesmaid and myself swapping rooms on the Saturday.

The food was all wonderful, so please also thank the chef and his team.

And it's not just us who have these words of praise! All guest commented on how wonderful the venue is and how the staff completed that picture. It's one thing having the perfect venue, it's another thing entirely to then make the occasion as perfect as it actually was.
Thank you all once again.

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