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Love Stories

In a recent post discussed proposals, and how nerve racking they could sometimes be; but we forget that the proposal is just a defining moment in a whole love story.

The story starts with once upon a time, as all good stories do. There's a spark, which may flare into a blaze quite quickly, or smoulder quietly like an ember. It begins before, and will end long after the proposal. We hope it never ends at all...a happily ever after.

The sad thing about the love story in the real world is that they stay in a private place between two people, and are hardly ever told.

This year, there's much ado about the two world wars, and along with a refinement of history, a great many personal stories are being unearthed. Photograph albums, medals and letters are being rediscovered, and a whole world of love, loss, and reunion now lies tipped out from old chocolate boxes and scattered on carpets across the land.

The Proposal

Here's something we have never considered;-

Did you know that for most men, the biggest moment of their lives is the proposal? The wedding day, he thought, was the big event for a woman, but for a man, the whole magnitude of it was in the proposal.

And so gentlemen, now you're reading the Rowton Castle blog, is contemplating your wedding only the second most important event? 

How did you do it? Did you fall on one knee and utter the time old words? Or was it a quiet mumble while unloading the shopping? If it's the second, better do it again over an intimate dinner. People will ask about it, and you wouldn't want it to be remembered as a scrabble over the carrier bags.

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